Be Blooming Beauty is a multi-branded beauty store housed with natural organic brands from all over the world. We believe in authentic natural beauty not only from your diet and skincare ritual but also to stay away from toxic makeup routine. We have done all the research for you and hand-picked products which feature the highest quality ingredients without toxic chemicals, which are also not being tested on animals. We encourage consumers to understand and explore what are put on their skin for better well being.


Suffered from eczema and sensitive skin since childhood, founder of Be Blooming Beauty began to study and read all ingredient lists on any product she used in order to stay away from any toxic and irritating ingredients which caused breakouts. The habit was developed since then, she gradually move her diet, skincare and makeup routine from conventional to natural or organic products.


To start with natural skincare products may be the easiest way but we shouldn’t miss out also makeup products which in fact stay on our face for around ten hours per day! Knowing the difficulties of having qualitative natural makeup products which perform as well as conventional makeup brands, Be Blooming Beauty is here to source and test out all the products for you. We fight for great ingredient lists but will never compromise on product performance. We select the most desirable natural makeup products perform as well as conventional brands for all beautiful ladies who are searching for beauty inside out.